Pigmentum welcomes Dr. Anabelle Kriznar

Pigmentum participated in a British Council initiative to assist researchers in making international connections through their Researcher Exchange Programme (RXP). This is aimed at supporting new links between postdoctoral researchers in the UK and in other countries. RXP provides individual researchers with awards covering travel and subsistence costs, and some consumables costs, needed to develop new scientific collaborations and contacts through exchange visits of between two week and three months. The purpose of RXP is to help develop new research links between higher education institutions and research laboratories in the UK and other countries. It aims to encourage mobility and internationalism among postdoctoral researchers for the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge, and for long-term relationship building.

Pigmentum acted as host (in collaboration with the British Museum) for Dr. Anabelle Kriznar, from Lubljana, Slovenia.