About Us

The Pigmentum Project was set up by Valentine Walsh and Nicholas Eastaugh to be an informal group of researchers with a diversity of background but a common purpose in studying historical pigments.

Ranging from conservators and conservation scientists, through geologists and chemists to art historians and historians of technology, we have been operating for roughly the last seven years. There is a core administrative and research membership, with other collaborators who participate according to specialism.

The Pigmentum Project is an autonomous research group affiliated with the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art at the University of Oxford. Through this association we are now developing a more formal structure to our project, with the aim of creating a dynamic and long-term endeavour.

Our work is targeted principally at the nascent field known as ‘technical art history’. That is, studies of cultural material through the application of a combination of scientific analytical and documentary research to elucidate the historical context. Although related to conservation, we see our work as distinct, answering more broadly to other fields such as art, economic and technological history.

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