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The Pigment Compendium

A Dictionary of Historical Pigments

The Pigment Compendium is the first major work by the Pigmentum Project, consisting of two books and an interactive CD-ROM.

A Dictionary of Historical Pigments

Covering pigments throughout history and across the globe, the Dictionary contains a comprehensive list of pigment names and synonyms. Information from hundreds of sources make it the ultimate resource for anyone trying to place a pigment in its proper historical context.

Optical Microscopy of Historical Pigments

An invaluable reference for conservators and conservation scientists, this book covers over 250 ancient and modern artists’ pigments worldwide. Rendered in full colour throughout for accurate pigment identification, Optical Microscopy is the definitive reference for pigment identification and analysis.

Pigment Compendium interactive CD-ROM

Compiling the information from the two books in a powerful searchable database, the Pigment Compendium interactive CD-ROM provides detailed, comprehensive coverage of the historic pigments. A user-friendly databse structure with a full suite of search and navigation tools allows easy access to a wealth of information, including full analyses of the pigments’ physical properties and detailed historic references.


Lazurite is a database program designed to facilitate the documentation of objects and technical information. Organising data into a searchable format, Lazurite allows the creation of a comprehensive database containing a huge variety of possible inputs. Specific objects, large-scale images, pigment samples and past analyses are all tied together into a searchable, user-friendly format.

Academic Papers

Pigmentum are currently developing their academic publication programme. Arising out of our work on the ‘Compendium’, and as a result of ongoing research, we now have a substantial group of papers going through the preparation and pre-publication process. As these appear in press, we will be posting the citations and short abstracts here. In the meantime, here are some papers we have published in the last five years.

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